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With over 25 years in the carpet cleaning industry, Blue Dog Carpet Cleaning has the expertise and trained professionals to tackle your business carpet’s toughest challenges. From old set-in stains, dirt, and grime, to lingering odors, mold, and bacteria, our powerful carpet restoration equipment works wonders to thoroughly deep clean and maintain your carpets looking like new.


The process for our commercial cleaning services is different than other companies and is what keeps our satisfied customers coming back! We use a low-moisture cleaning technique that allows you to walk on the carpet immediately afterward, and the carpet will dry completely in just 1 hour. Additionally, our equipment has been tested to put out only 2dB of noise while running. You can still talk on the phone! This means that there are no fans needed and no loud disruptive noise, so you can continue to run your business as usual.


Along with your business’s regular maintenance vacuuming, we guarantee that your carpets will look better and better after every service. Spots will disappear and stay gone. If you are ready to revitalize your commercial carpet, call or text (918) 324-6443 for your free estimate!

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Blue Dog Carpet Cleaning is ranked #1 for carpet cleaners in Tulsa. We are confident that your commercial carpets will look pristine and professional. Let us show you why we are the best option for your business!

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